PINswift EPIC is designed to change the way PIN is experienced by cardholders. It enables on demand electronic PIN delivery wherever and whenever it is requested. For card  issuer, PINswift turns costly process into fully automated profitable marketing channel.A key component to delivering EMV cards to customers is the delivery of an associated PIN as a second form of cardholder’s authentication. Historically, when the physical smart card is mailed to a customer, the associated PIN is sent in a separate communication via the mail a couple days later.

The PINSwift Enterprise PIN Communicator (EPIC) is an enterprise PIN management and communication solution – PCI Compliant mechanism for replacing the antiquated process of sending the supporting PIN via the mail with instant and secure delivery via a customer’s mobile phone.

The solution can be implemented in an on premises model via a technology appliance or via the cloud in a Software as a service (SaaS) Model. The solution is also technology agnostic and can integrate with any card production solutions or services.

EPIC is an enterprise level modular solution architectured to ideally fullfil PIN management requirements of both; global leading card issuers and a small banks.


  • Real time PIN delivery over secure electronic communication channels (internet, ATM, SMS)
  • Forgotten PIN delivery
  • Remote PIN reset
  • Seamless mobile banking integration
  • Automated card activation
  • Fraud protection
  • PCI compliance self-check and reporting
  • Service desk user interface and integration
  • Automated PIN delivery billing, etc.